Video Award

"Tail lights In the Rain" was awarded the maximum 3 ribbon awards by CM Boadcasting (Australia)

  • Achievement in Production
  • Achievement in Performance
  • Achievement in Development


"Throughout the history of music, and often from a variety of genres, there comes singer/songwriters whose life and compassion for others has helped change this world for the better. From John Lennon in the early 70's (Imagine) to Tracy Chapman (Behind The Wall etc.) in the late 80's and country artists such as Reba McEntire, Steve Earle, Martina McBride amongst others. Sue Pyper falls into this category, and "Chasing Tail Lights In The Rain" is yet another example of her very real and genuine concern for others. This special video - which also features live footage of Sue and friends - is well constructed and helps the viewer to not only appreciate the song better but to also come away feeling the sincerity that this respected singer/songwriter offers us all. Congratulations Sue and all involved in this video - CMB Judging Panel.

CMB Australia




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