Tammy Fassaert
Recording Artist

“Sue Pyper is one of those rare performers who can make someone else's song sound even better than the original.”





Josh Cunningham
‘The Waifs’

“Sue Pyper is a wonderful singer. Not only was it a thrill to have her record one of my songs but the way she recorded it was the bigger thrill. Fantastic.”





Monday Magazine,
Victoria BC

Courtenay's Sue Pyper nabbed Best Song for "Before You Learn To Fly" (which she gave an award-winning rendition of);…






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Country Music Broadcasting (Australia)

"Throughout the history of music, and often from a variety of genres, there comes singer/songwriters whose life and compassion for others has helped change this world for the better. From John Lennon in the early 70's (Imagine) to Tracy Chapman (Behind The Wall etc.) in the late 80's and country artists such as Reba McEntire, Steve Earle, Martina McBride amongst others. Sue Pyper falls into this category, and "Chasing Tail Lights In The Rain" is yet another example of her very real and genuine concern for others... you come away feeling the sincerity that this respected singer/songwriter offers us all."

Women of Substance Radio

"Heavily influenced by pioneering singer/songwriters of the 70s like John Denver, Jim Croce and Joni Mitchell, Sue Pyper's music is rooted in timeless acoustic folk, and on par with current folk artists like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Patty Griffin and Dar Williams.  Just as the music of her mentors, her melodies soar, lifting listeners to precipices and then setting them gently to earth, forever changed. Her voice is the perfect timbre for folk, smooth, lilting, and emotionally expressive.  Sue Pyper has received international acclaim and airplay for her two albums and earned the "Best Song" Award at the Vancouver Island Music Awards. Folk music lovers have embraced Sue Pyper as a wonderful new discovery"

Brian Hazelbower CHLY Radio

Sue Pypers new CD "Tail Lights In The Rain"
"As a programmer on CHLY FM I've had the opportunity to build a good size collection of music over the years. Sue Pyper's new CD "Tail Lights in the Rain" is one that will undoubtedly end up in my favorites folder. Following in the footsteps of her CD "Before You Learn To Fly" Sue returned to Woodshop Recording Studio on Vancouver Island to work with Zak Cohen where she took on the role of co-producer. The arrangements, performances and production here are nothing less than stellar. Overall Sue has put together a cohesive collection of very strong, well crafted original contemporary flavoured folk tunes and added a couple of complementing covers that will be heard and enjoyed around the world."

Christine Lavin

"I met Sue Pyper at the Vancouver Island Music Fest. During the weekend at least a half dozen Canadian performers who were working the festival said to me, "You must meet Sue Pyper -- you will love her!" and they were right.”

“This year she recorded "Before You Learn To Fly", her very first album. It's a beautiful mix of covers and originals -- some of the artists she covers are Nanci Griffith, John Prine, and Mary-Chapin Carpenter, so you know she has fine taste. Her originals have that 'timeless' feel of the best contemporary folk. Long time fans of folk music will recognize her as a wonderful new discovery.”

Christine Lavin

Sing Out Magazine

“Sure, Sue Pyper does some mean covers, including Nanci Griffith’s “Five and Dime” and Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “This Shirt” on her debut release. These and other works by her neighbors Gordon Carter and Joanna Finch are engaging and solid, but it’s with her own four creations on “Before You Learn To Fly” that she really takes off.

“I Can’t go Back” is an award-winning song about finding the place where you belong, both internally and geographically. And it is far from the only good cut on the album. With her four originals she establishes an ability to form a catchy chorus, and deliver personable story lines with pleasing vocals of strength.

My favourite is the title cut, offering caring encouragement, reinforced musically by the grounding support of Kathy Stacey’s cello. “Highland Clearance” is about Pyper’s homeland, where life necessitates forced relocation. Pennywhistle (Sam Lennox) and Pyper’s chorus create wee aches even for those who were never near the Scottish border.

All the musicians are from Vancouver Island, most from the small ex-mining town of Cumberland, and most with day jobs. The truly local involvement in no way sounds amateur. Featured on bass and harmony throughout is Tammy Fassaert. Robin Sutmoller on violin could, but hasn’t, quit his day job as a doctor. The production guidance of Chilean producer and guitarist Rodrigo Figueroa keeps Pyper’s delivery strong, simple, clear, and clean. She has a good ear for covers and will, no doubt, provide us with further quality originals."

Angela Page - Sing Out Magazine USA


WFUV New York, NY

"I was enormously impressed by her first CD, which I received in 2002. I used four songs from it in one program (the maximum permitted under WFUV's streaming regulations) then played "I can't go back anymore" on my December program devoted to what I considered to the 10 best new songs/singers of the year. I find her work - both as a songwriter and an interpreter to on a consistently high level - i await future releases with great anticipation:

Bob Sherman, WFUV New York, NY

EAR FM, New South Wales, Australia.

“Open the case, remove the disc, insert, push play and just HANG ON ! Lovely voice, great guitar and some of the best lyrics you will hear for a very long time to come. That plus her interpretation of some of our top songwriters makes this album absolutely "top drawer". That's Sue Pyper's CD "Before You Learn To Fly". Traditional writing and we are here to be part of it ! We don't have to wait."

Jim MacQuarrie, EAR FM, New South Wales, Australia.

Rambles – On line folk magazine Review

"Not since a good friend popped an Indigo Girls tape into my Walkman back in the late 1980s have I been as pleasantly surprised by a folk musician as I was by Sue Pyper. Oh, there have been individual songs that I've liked, technical prowess that has impressed, and voices that have wowed, but for overall musical tone, subject diversity and lyrical interest, Pyper wins hands down.

Originally from London, England, Pyper grew up in a decidedly non-musical family. Her father was a telephone engineer and her mother a nanny. Pyper herself had no intention of becoming a musician, although she taught herself to play the guitar and sang for fun. She studied art in college and went on to build a successful career for herself in communications and photography. But at age 27, something clicked. She quit her job, traveled the world and returned to the UK having made the decision to pursue singing full time. She now makes her home in Canada, where she has built a large and devoted following.

The influences on Pyper's music are apparent the moment she opens her mouth -- John Denver, Joni Mitchell and Nancy Griffith all come to mind with a healthy dose of Celtic influence thrown in for good measure. Followers of folk and country music will recognize songwriters such as Mary Chapin Carpenter ("This Shirt") and Nancy Griffith ("Love at the Five and Dime"), amongst the titles on the CD, but it's in her own music and lyrics that Pyper really shines. In "Before You Learn to Fly," she touches on the power of the individual to create and shape life. On another and very different note that demonstrates her versatility, "Highland Clearance" is about the love of homeland and a people's struggle to survive.

Pyper's voice is rich, clear and versatile. When she hits a note she does so with ease and precision. Moreover, the vocal and musical accompaniments are simple and supportive, designed to complement Pyper's voice rather than compete with it. The acoustic guitar handles most of the backup, with occasional help from cello, flute, violin and drums. The songs themselves are diverse, ranging from Scottish ballads and bawdy folk tunes to country-western and quasi-new age songs.

Best of all, she is that rare performer who is capable of bringing you to tears one moment and startling you into laughter the next. This is the total package, folks, and it's presented with the ease of a consummate pro."

Rambles Magazine, Written by by Jena Ball
published 20 September 2003


Clytia Fuller, KZSC 88.1FM, Santa Cruz, California

“I usually don't take the time to give folks a special mention, BUT, I received the Sue Pyper CD (as recommended by Christine Lavin) in the mail this week, and WOW. The whole CD is great. Out of the 10 cuts, I rated 8 as 1st and 2nd choices. If you like it spare and beautiful, I strongly recommend her.”


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